Freshly Ground Peanut Butter- Smooth


Nuts are hand roasted by Island Nut Roastery and freshly ground to order.


Our freshly peanut butter is ground on Monday and in your cupboard by Tuesday!  It’s so fresh that there is no time for the oil to separate- the result is a light and fluffy peanut butter that could be mistaken for buttercream icing. Unsalted, so add a pinch of pink salt over your peanut butter toast if desired.


Get the light, fresh taste without breaking your Vitamix.


Refundable jar deposit applied during checkout

  • 250 ml Jar
  • 500 ml Jar
  • 1000 ml Jar

Made in small batches with only the highest-quality ingredients and no additives, our nut butters and mixes are as fresh as the air we breathe here on the West Coast. Ground, mixed, glazed, or spiced, we know you’ll be able to taste the Coastal freshness, quality, and care in every Island Roastery Nut.

Our nuts are roasted
fresh and by hand.
No assembly lines.
No deep fryers.
No preservatives.

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  1. by Katie Aitken (verified owner)

    So good! I like to order a small and re-up weekly (ish). Best peanut butter I’ve had.

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