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SALT JAR Refillery

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  • Drinkware Cleaning Brush

    Tempico Glass & Bottle Cleaners, Bamboo Switch USA

    Bamboo Drinkware Cleaning Brush is a sustainable and effective tool for keeping your drinkware clean and sparkling. Made from eco-friendly bamboo and agave fiber, it’s perfect for daily use and gentle on glass and other materials.


    Available in two sizes – small and large.

  • Artisan Kraut – Green Cuisine

    Sauerkraut, Green Cuisine, Victoria


    Green Cuisine Sauerkraut and Kimchi Kraut are traditionally made with local Vancouver Island cabbage and celtic sea salt and are fully aged for 2 seasons in ceramic crocks. Including our sauerkraut in your diet is a delicious way to ensure good digestion.


    Teaming with live enzymes, beneficial bacteria, antioxidents and probiotics, numerous studies have confirmed that regular consumption of live sauerkraut strengthens the immune system and promotes good health.


    Green Cuisine Sauerkraut has a light, tart taste with a mild saltiness, it provides excellent balance to cooked protein and carbohydrates and adds a depth of flavour to the most simple of meals. Support local and support your immunity at the same time. Enjoy it often!

  • Ground Bison

    Ground Bison, Rustic Kitchen


    Sourced from the Kootenays. Hormone & antibiotic-free.


    Why bison? Bison is leaner and higher in protein than ground beef. It is also an animal native to North America and is less impactful on the land they graze.


    Packaged in butcher paper & frozen.


    How do you cook bison? Bison meat works like beef in many recipes. Feel free to adapt your go-to beef dishes to account for the shorter cooking times and lower temperatures,


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