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Khorasan Berries (Kamut), Organic


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Khorasan Berries (Kamut), Organic, BC


A new (but old) ancient grain is here! Kamut has a chewy, nutty texture with grains two to three times the size of wheat grains. It is an ancient grain whose lineage traces back over 4,000 years to The Middle East. Kumut is an excellent addition to soups, stews, casseroles, and summer salads. Boasting more protein, less fat and more fiber than quinoa – it is also BC sourced so has traveled less to reach your kitchen.


How to use: Kernels are the seed of the wheat grass. Try planting in your garden or sprouting. The most popular use is to grind into flour for baking. Kernels can be cracked or coarsely ground and added as texture to recipes or boiled for a porridge. The entire kernel can be cooked like rice (boil 2 parts water 1 part kernels for 40-60 minutes) and eaten by itself or added to salads, yogurt or desserts.


Packed in recycled kraft bags.

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