Frequently Asked Questions

Make it, Bake it, Grow it! 

The Rules:
1. Everything posted must be something that can be consumed (food and drinks) OR cut flowers. 
2. No illegal or controlled substances (alcohol, cannabis etc.)
3. We love superfoods, but only in their naturally occurring form, so please no medicine/tinctures/tablets etc. 
4. Users must be in compliance with the “Guidelines for the Sale of Foods at Temporary Food Markets” in regards to low-risk and high-risk foods. 
5. Any produce sold must be locally home or farm-grown. 
6. Products that are not locally sourced must be transformed into something baked or cooked (so no need to grow your own flour to bake with,  but by all-means go right ahead if you like). 
7. All posts must have at least one photo. 
8. Be honest and kind. Please. We are a community and this will only work if everyone plays by the rules.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. 
 The localsalt app isn’t showing up in the Google Play Store or on the Apple Store. 
The most frequent reason for this happening is that the country for the device or store is not set for Canada. 
Apple– go into your Settings,  General, Language & Region , switch to Canada 
Google Play Store– Google Play Store- Change Country
– How do I navigate between pages on the app? There is no “back arrow” 
Try swiping back and forth across the screen screen to go to the previous page.  
– How is the  transaction fee broken-down? 
localsalt is automatically charged 5% from Stripe payment systems in order to keep your credit card information secure during the payment process. The other 5% goes towards development costs, server fees and app fees. 
Vendors include this in their price. 
– Who is responsible if the item is not there for pick-up? 
The vendor is ultimately responsible for making sure the item is at the right spot and the right time for customer pickup. If the stand has been experiencing instances of theft – the Vendor should find a way to make their pick-up location more secure. Please see best-practices in Vendor Info Document for ideas.   
 – What should the Customer do if the item(s) are not at the pick-up?
First triple-check that you have the correct address, farm, date, time etc. 
Message the Vendor you let them know what happened and press the “X  Dispute” button on the transaction. This brings it to the attention of localsalt and we will stop the payment. 

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