"For The Love of Food, Let's Grow Together!"

Grow Local, localsalt and the Farmland Trust are teaming up to host a fundraiser with a twist…it’s a Foodraiser to grow food and raise money to support our local food system.  Local farmers and gardeners have planted root crops that will be stored at The Root after harvest and then sold on Salt Spring throughout the Fall. Gardeners are donating crops, and farmers will be paid wholesale prices for theirs. All of the profit from the Foodraiser will be donated to the Farmland Trust to be used as seed funding for food system programming at The Root in 2023.

We have over 3,000 feet of bed space planted in with beets, potatoes, carrots, onions, rutabagas, turnips and radishes!

The Root & Farmland Trust

Grow Local

The Salt Spring Farmland Trust is a charity formed in 2008 with the mandate to help grow Salt Spring’s local food system by bringing people and land together.

The Root is the island’s brand new food hub that will help us preserve, process, package, add value to, and distribute food at larger scales. It will serve as a place for food and farming education and discussions about how we, as an island community, can increase our food security and sustainability.

Grow Local

Grow Local is a collaborative initiative working to increase the amount of food grown and eaten on Salt Spring Island. We are partnering with individuals and organizations throughout Salt Spring to trial a number of projects to help strengthen our local food system.

We are excited to be working with the following growers and organizations

How You Can Support The Foodraiser

You can get involved and support the Grow Local Foodraiser by purchasing crops through localsalt, by participating in events and offerings, and by helping spread the word throughout our community!  

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