• Wild Spring Salmon

    Sold By: Tuesday Food Hub

    Wild Spring Salmon, Haida Gwaii 

    Premium line-caught from the clear waters of Haida Gwaii. These northern west coast salmon are mostly scooped up for international export and fine-dining restaurants. Thankfully, The Pacific Prowler and the family that runs it calls Salt Spring home…


    From The Prowler: All our Salmon are caught off the west coast of Haida Gwaii (Area F) just as they return from the deep ocean. Caught at the peak of their lifecycle, they are extremely healthy. Rich in flavour, full of Omega oils, essential fats, and high in protein, you can’t begin to compare these beautiful fish to farmed fish or fish traveled down the coast that have begun to degrade as they enter the rivers to spawn. Because of the high quality of these west coast northern fish, they are usually sold to international fish markets and fine dinning restaurants around the world. We believe bringing these fish home for our surrounding communities, with 100% traceability, is an important part in keeping our food chain wild and local. All fish are brought in by hand one by one and promptly dressed, head off and guts removed, washed down and put in our flash freezer with temperatures to -35 to ensure the fish remains the highest of quality.


    Sold individually by weight and piece. (Collar, Mid, Tail)- Pst… chefs go for the collar as it is the richest.

    Frozen and Vacuumed packet Fillets

    Contains Bones

    Not pre-sliced

    Sashimi Grade

    Sold By: Tuesday Food Hub

    Wild Spring Salmon


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