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Island Bees Honey


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Island Bees Honey, Saltspring Island 


Island Bees honey is raw, unfiltered and collected entirely from flowers on Salt Spring Island. You may find it is not as clear as regular store-bought honey and it may have occasional specks of hive materials that you would not see in honey that is more refined and processed. All the enzymes, propolis, and pollen grains are retained, so Island Bees honey is in the same state as you would find naturally in the beehive.


Most honey produced in Canada comes from huge fields of flowering monoculture like clover,
canola, blueberries and alfalfa.  In contrast, much of Salt Spring Island is forested and therefore, the number of flowers available to bees is much less, so Salt Spring bees collect honey from wildflowers and blooming trees instead.

This means that Salt Spring Island bees don’t make much surplus honey, but it also means that their honey and pollen is not as exposed to all of the harmful things that come along with modern intensive farming.


Current Variety on tap- Blackberry Honey


  • 355 grams (250 ml)
  • 700 grams (500 ml)
  • 1.4 kg (1 litre)
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  1. by Polly Orr (verified owner)

    Incredible, wonderful, flavourful local product. Thank you!

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