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Organic Soy Sauce


Country of Origin: Japan


Organic Shoyu is brewed with soybeans and wheat resulting in a more aromatic sauce perfect for dipping or as a table condiment. It is brewed for up to six months and made with no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colours.


Ingredients: Water, Organic Soybeans, Salt, Organic Wheat, Organic Alcohol


Production: This sauce is made from the coconut-blossom nectar of coconut palms. The sap is then fermented and blended with sea salt.


Qualities: Coconut aminos taste similar to a mixture of Balsamic Vinegar and Shoyu yet it has 73% less sodium than soy sauce. It is a soy- and gluten-free way to add a hit of umami.


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  • 250 ml Jar
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  • 1 litre
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