Using regenerative practices to grow an abundance of delicious, nutritious and ecologically friendly food.

  • spicy greens mix

    Sold By: Forest Gardens

    a mix of asian greens, arugula, baby kale, mild and spicy mustards

  • arugula

    Sold By: Forest Gardens

    Large leafed arugula is packed full of zesty flavour and nutrient dense goodness.

    A very generous bunch of freshly picked leaves will keep you stocked in peppery goodness for the whole week.

    Sold By: Forest Gardens


  • Salt Spring Soil Activated Biochar

    Sold By: Forest Gardens

    Introducing Salt Spring Soil!


    A new source for local, regenerative soil building amendments to help you and your plants grow abundantly.


    Biochar is a carbon rich soil amendment made from burning biomass in a low oxygen environment to create charcoal. The charcoal becomes biologically active when it is added to the soil and becomes filled with soil micro-organisms, water and nutrients. Biochar has an immense surface area and complex pore structure (a single gram can have a surface area of over 1000 square yards). When added to your soil as an amendment biochar increases the capacity of your soil to store water, hold onto nutrients, and support a healthy soil food web. Biochar is incredibly stable, and can last in the soil for thousands of years if undisturbed. This sequesters carbon more effectively than any other method currently in practice.


    Benefits of Biochar

    • Enhanced crop yields
    • Improved soil texture
    • Improved soil water holding capacity
    • Reduction in nutrient leaching
    • Soil carbon sequestration
    • Healthier soil food web



    Biochar can be added directly to your garden soil, but it is most immediately beneficial if it has been ‘charged’ or ‘activated’ with biological activity first. Our biochar has been activated by mixing it in with high quality vermicompost so it is ready to go straight into the ground. If you are working with your own biochar that needs activating you can do so by adding it to a compost pile, or soaking it in compost tea before applying it to the garden.

    Our biochar can be mixed directly into your soil as a light top dressing or it can be added to plant holes before planting. Make sure to water thoroughly after adding biochar so that the life contained in it stays moist and for water to start soaking into it.


    For More Information

    Biochar: Helping Everything from Soil Fertility to Odor Reduction

  • Salt Spring Soil Vermicompost

    Sold By: Forest Gardens

    Introducing Salt Spring Soil!


    A new source for local, regenerative soil building amendments to help your plants grow abundantly.


    Vermicompost is a high quality soil amendment created by red wiggler worms as they break down organic matter.

    Our team of half a million red wigglers eagerly turn fresh produce scraps and sawdust from a local mill into an incredibly high quality soil amendment bursting with beneficial microbial life and balanced, plant available nutrients.


    Benefits of vermicompost include:

    • increased nutrient availability
    • less nutrient leaching
    • improved soil texture
    • plant growth hormones and enzymes
    • improved plant growth
    • increased plant health and reduction in disease



    For plants in the ground: gently mix in a sprinkle of vermicompost to the top inch of soil. Water thoroughly after to ensure that the beneficial microbes stay moist and soak deeper into the soil.

    For transplanting or potting new plants: mix in a sprinkle of vermicompost into your potting soil.


    More Information


    Vermicompost will be provided in reusable plastic containers. Please return containers to localsalt the following week.

  • medley of kale

    Sold By: Forest Gardens

    The lush, curly green kale forms a hearty base, complemented by the dark and dignified Lacinato kale with its tender leaves. Adding a burst of color, Red Russian kale accentuates the mix, showcasing its striking red hues and delicate fringed leaves, creating a nutritionally diverse selection of nutritionally dense winter greens.

  • salad mix

    Sold By: Forest Gardens

    A mix of different lettuces, baby spinach, pea shoots and other salad greens as they become available.

  • braising greens

    Sold By: Forest Gardens

    These greens are best enjoyed by stir frying, chopping up into soup, or lightly steaming and then drizzling with an aioli, tahini or tzatziki sauce.

    This diverse and delicious mix may include baby kales, mustards both mild and pungent, spinach, celery, chard and other leafy greens as well as the flowering stalks as they are available.

  • Assorted Mints

    Sold By: Forest Gardens

    A selection of mints, small wild mint, dark flavorful chocolate mint and large spearmint.

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