Salt Spring Soil Vermicompost


Sold By: Forest Gardens

Introducing Salt Spring Soil!


A new source for local, regenerative soil building amendments to help your plants grow abundantly.


Vermicompost is a high quality soil amendment created by red wiggler worms as they break down organic matter.

Our team of half a million red wigglers eagerly turn fresh produce scraps and sawdust from a local mill into an incredibly high quality soil amendment bursting with beneficial microbial life and balanced, plant available nutrients.


Benefits of vermicompost include:

  • increased nutrient availability
  • less nutrient leaching
  • improved soil texture
  • plant growth hormones and enzymes
  • improved plant growth
  • increased plant health and reduction in disease



For plants in the ground: gently mix in a sprinkle of vermicompost to the top inch of soil. Water thoroughly after to ensure that the beneficial microbes stay moist and soak deeper into the soil.

For transplanting or potting new plants: mix in a sprinkle of vermicompost into your potting soil.


More Information


Vermicompost will be provided in reusable plastic containers. Please return containers to localsalt the following week.

  • 5 liters
  • 25 liters
  • 50 liters- free delivery
  • 100 liters - free delivery
  • 150 liters - free delivery
  • 200 liters - free delivery
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