• Barbs Buns – Breads

    Sold By: Tuesday Food Hub

    Barbs Buns, Saltspring Island


    Why do we love Barbs bread? Well besides mouth-watering taste…


    • SIMPLE natural ingredients. NO preservatives/additives. You can spell these ingredient list and your grandmother would even know what they are. Flip that grocery store sandwich loaf over and give the ingredients a read- its nuts.   * As such, if you aren’t going to eat a Barbs loaf within the first two days- just pop it in the freezer and let it defrost in the fridge when your ready to eat it (natural preservation method folks!)
    • ORGANIC flour is used in Barbs Bread. Better for our bodies and better for the planet.
    • PRICE you just can’t beat the value that Barbs offers. Fresh organic loaves for under $9? Now that’s something we can all appreciate.
    • FRESH. Made from scratch each day in the Bakery.
    • LOCAL. This local bakery has been a pillar in the community for decades and supporting these gems is how we keep our community vibrant.


    Click on the different loaves below for a description and ingredients list.

    Sold By: Tuesday Food Hub

    Barbs Buns – Breads


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