• Barbs Organic Pizza Dough

    Sold By: Tuesday Food Hub

    Barbs dough boules are perfect for pizza nights! Made with organic white flour and sourdough starter.


    There are two balls in an order and each boul will yield a 12 inch pizza.

    Frozen: place in the fridge the night before to defrost.


    Packaged in a backyard compostable cellulose bag.


  • Barbs Fresh Quiche

    Sold By: Tuesday Food Hub

    Choose from two different freshly baked handmade quiche. These full-sized quiche are creamy, cheesy and surrounded by a perfectly crispy crust. You won’t be able to stop at just one slice- trust us!


    Pair it with a freshly tossed green salad for the perfect lunch or dinner.


    This week’s varieties:


    1- Mediterranean (roasted tomato, olives, feta, zucchini)
    2-Roasted Mushroom & Goat Cheese

  • Barbs Buns – Breads

    Sold By: Tuesday Food Hub

    Barbs Buns, Saltspring Island


    Why do we love Barbs bread? Well besides mouth-watering taste…


    • SIMPLE natural ingredients. NO preservatives/additives. You can spell these ingredient list and your grandmother would even know what they are. Flip that grocery store sandwich loaf over and give the ingredients a read- its nuts.   * As such, if you aren’t going to eat a Barbs loaf within the first two days- just pop it in the freezer and let it defrost in the fridge when your ready to eat it (natural preservation method folks!)
    • ORGANIC flour is used in Barbs Bread. Better for our bodies and better for the planet.
    • PRICE you just can’t beat the value that Barbs offers. Fresh organic loaves for under $9? Now that’s something we can all appreciate.
    • FRESH. Made from scratch each day in the Bakery.
    • LOCAL. This local bakery has been a pillar in the community for decades and supporting these gems is how we keep our community vibrant.


    Click on the different loaves below for a description and ingredients list. All loaves are unsliced and packaged in brown paper bags.

    Sold By: Tuesday Food Hub

    Barbs Buns – Breads


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