• Borax

    All Natural with No Additives, Preservatives or Perfumes. Clean kitchens, bathrooms, windows, sinks, toilets, countertops and more. Works on mildew, grout, and rust
    CLEAN YOUR FRIDGE – Removes dried up food stains and leftovers
    UNCLOG DRAINS  – Loosens gunk in drains and removes odour
    LAUNDRY CLEANER – Add to your laundry loads to get cleaner clothes and remove stubborn stains


    Borax can also be used to mitigate the problems associated with “hard water” — or water with a high mineral content — when it comes to cleaning clothes. Hard water makes it difficult to clean laundry completely because the minerals in the water keep the detergents from doing their best work. Borax “softens” the water by binding to the minerals in the water, allowing the detergents to lift dirt from fabric.


    Although natural – it is not advisable to consume or inhale directly (Health Canada)


    One kilo packaged in brown craft paper bag


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