• Cayenne Chili Powder – Organic

    Organic Cayenne Chili Powder, Southern India


    75 Gram Spice Jar refill.  Multiple quantities will be packaged together.


    Imported by The Gathering Place Trading, Cortes Island


    Gathering Place Cayenne Chili Powder is made from a pure and potent source – the Guntur Sanam cayenne chili pepper of Southern India. Hand harvested at our Farmers’ Cooperative, this spice has a heat rating of SCU 35000. It is HOT! Our cayenne chili powder is incredibly fresh, always from the current year’s harvest. Sprinkle a small amount in your favourite dish for a little heat.


    Ingredients: chili pepper powder (not a blend)


    Packaged in a backyard compostable cellulose bag.


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