• Lemongrass All Purpose Cleaner

    “Elbow Grease” by Live For Tomorrow, Vancouver


    Live for Tomorrow (LFT) highly concentrated Lemongrass all-natural, All Purpose Cleaner works so well it’s nicknamed it “Elbow Grease”. This coconut and citrus-based formula is toxin-free, biodegradable and septic safe – which means you can use it on all the tough jobs – indoors or out!



    ❖ Award Winning
    ❖ Premium Quality
    ❖ Refillable/Recyclable PET Bottle
    ❖ 100% All-Natural
    ❖ Plant & Mineral Based
    ❖ Non-Toxic Jar deposit calculated at checkout. 

    ❖ Phosphate, Chlorine & Palm Oil Free
    ❖ SLS & SLES Free
    ❖ Free of Artificial Fragrances and Dyes
    ❖ Hypoallergenic
    ❖ Septic Safe
    ❖ Biodegradable
    ❖ 100% Pure Essential Oil Scent




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