• 10% Homogenized & Low-Pasteurized Coffee Cream

    10% Cream-  Low-pasteurized, Grass-Fed*,  Cowichan Valley  


    Bottled on Monday and in your fridge by Tuesday- this is the tastiest, farm-fresh cream on Saltspring! Use this nutrient-rich homogenized 10% cream in coffee, over oatmeal, in pasta sauces, cream soups, mashed potatoes, creamy scrambled eggs. pudding, curries, panna cotta, and more!


    Why we love Cowichan Milk Company

    – Cowichan dairy cows are grass fed (from their own fields) and are supplemented with a little grain in the winter months.

    –  The pasteurization method they use is slow and low. It is the lowest temperature of pasteurization that is legal in Canada (closest to raw milk folks!). It is heated just enough to kill unwanted bacteria but preserves the healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, essential minerals, and fat-soluble vitamins A, D3, and K2.

    – Their farm is a circular operation all on the same site. They grow the grass that feeds the cows and the manure goes right back into the fields for fertilization.

    –  The milk is bottled the day before you receive it on Salt Spring. Any fresher and you would have to be under the cow!

    –   The vanBovens are a third- generation (and going) family of milk farmers.

    Cowichan Milk Company’s dairy is pasteurized “low and slow”, leaving it as close to its natural state as possible.


    Ingredients: Milk, Vitamin D3.


    Low-pasteurized means that Cowichan Milk will not have the long shelf life of most milks, which are pasteurized with the “high temperature, short time” method. Use within a week of opening.

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