• Bull Kelp

    Dakini Tidal Wilds’ Edible Bull Kelp, Vancouver Island


    Dakini Tidal Wilds’ Bull Kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana) is harvested by hand off the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island & tested for purity. Seaweeds are among the most nutritive and complete foods and are the most concentrated food source of minerals on the planet. They are nature’s perfectly balanced mineral supplement. Dakini Tidal Wilds offers customers a local choice of seaweed.


    Kelps in particular are unique in their ability to safely eliminate certain heavy metals, PCB’s, dioxins and certain radioactive compounds from the body. They do this via a compound called ‘sodium alginate’. This quality makes the kelp family of seaweeds one of the most important sources of protection against today’s most harmful environmental toxins.


    One of the most exciting areas of research in seaweeds is with cancer. In particular, a compound called ‘fucoidan’, found in the kelp family of seaweeds as well as other seaweeds in the phylum ‘Phaeophyta’, has shown some very exciting and promising results so far. Winged Kelp is one of the highest sources of fucoidan.


    Packaged in a backyard compostable cellulose bag. 


    Bull Kelp


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