• Large Eco Eggs, Lockwood Farm

    Lockwood Farm, Cowichan


    Run by a passionate young husband and wife team (along with their kids, barn cats, adorable puppies and pigs) in the Cowichan Valley.

    They believe that healthy eggs come from happy chickens. Raised with love… and grubs!

    Insects are a very natural part of a hen’s diet, yet conventional feed has not included insect protein in it’s regular ration. Instead the industry has looked primarily to soy. Soy crops can grow 356 lbs of edible protein per acre, whereas insect protein has the potential to grow upwards of 100,000 lbs of edible protein per acre.


    Hen house is run entirely from solar power.


    High in Iron & Vitamin A

    7g of protein per egg

    Corn free


    Soy Free


    *Packaged in an upcycled carton. Empty cartons are happy accepted for re-use.


    *We are not currently selling SaltSpring Island eggs on the Salt Jar as eggs for resale must legally be graded. Farm-direct on localsalt is encouraged. 


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