• Nutmeg Ground – Organic

    Organic Nutmeg Ground, Sri Lanka


    50 Gram Spice Jar refill.  Multiple quantities will be packaged together.


    Imported by The Gathering Place Trading, Cortes Island


    Gathering Place Nutmeg Powder comes from our Farmers’ Cooperative in Sri Lanka, where multiple crops thrive together, creating a biodiverse ecosystem. Grown organically around the periphery of their spice food forests, nutmeg, which is the kernel of an apricot-like fruit, thrives in the dappled sun and heat. Hand harvested and powdered immediately before being shipped direct to us, our nutmeg is always fresh. With a sweet yet spicy flavour, it is used in baking, but also in warming soups or vegetable dishes, as well as custard and eggs.


    Packaged in a backyard compostable cellulose bag.

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