• Beef Heart or Liver Pet Treats

    70g of bite-sized dehydrated single-ingredient beef heart or liver snaps in a compostable bag. Hand-cut dog and cat treats sourced from local, pastured animals. Made with love!

    Something Good Dog (and Cat) Treats 
    Salt Spring and Cowichan Valley sourced

    Reward your furry family member with quality treats

    We use organ meats from pastured animals from local farms. No factory farms or mystery ingredients. These treats are pure organ meat with no additives, fillers, or preservatives. They are a healthy snack that our dogs and cat go nuts for.

    The treats maintain their nutritional value through low and slow heating during dehydration. They are great for dogs who eat raw or kibble. These treats are great to use for training rewards and gentle glandular therapy.

    We are Hannah and Alex, baby Sarah, our dogs Chonk and Baby and our cat Shadow. Everyone is very busy on production days! Our pets never get tired of helping us test for quality.

    We recommend storing in an airtight container in a cool dark place. Best if used within 3 months of purchase (which shouldn’t be an issue).

    Too much of a good thing is still too much – 5-10%of daily intake should be dedicated to treats (ours or others). As with any food some dogs’ guts may take time to adjust to a new food and some dogs may just not tolerate certain organs. Monitor for signs of gastrointestinal upset. Please note this is intended as a standard disclaimer and we have never seen an issue in all the animals who have eaten our treats – they are part of the natural diet for carnivores.

  • Pet food, misc. lamb/beef/chicken organ meats

    Please consult your vet. Organ meats are great nutrition but liver can be problematic in too high a quantity. Each bag contains a collection of different organ meats including kidney, heart and liver from lamb or beef or chicken or a mix of animals.

  • Catnip

    Approximately 6 grams per package. Cats love it and get frisky but it also makes a calming tea for humans!

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