• Organic Sifted Red Fife Flour, True Grain

    True Grain Mill, Cowichan


    Red Fife is a heritage wheat variety. This means the grain is pure and predates the complex hybridization methods imposed by humans over the last century. The result is an organic grain that delivers a more robust nutty flavour than conventional wheat. Our Red Fife is organic and proudly grown in BC. We slowly stone grind our Red Fife at low temperature to maximize flavour and preserve nutrients. The term “sifted” simply means we remove the bran. Substitute Red Fife Sifted Wheat for all-purpose flour in your recipes. Thank you for supporting organic BC Farmers and Millers.

    Ingredients: *Stone-ground BC Sifted Red Fife flour. *Organic



    *Packaged in a Kraft paper bag made of recycled materials


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