Liminal Herbal Tea


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Liminal herbal tea is a unique blend of carefully selected herbs that create a calming and centering experience. All the herbs used to make this tea are grown locally with extra care and attention to freshness and quality. Liminal refers to the state of being in between, where one is neither here nor there but rather in a transitional phase. This tea is designed to support individuals in finding their own liminal space to pause, reflect, and connect with themselves. With its delicate and soothing flavours, Liminal herbal tea is perfect for moments of relaxation and introspection.

Contains: Lime Leaf, Agrimony, Pineapple Mint, Red Clover, Lavender.

Use 1 tbsp per cup of cool-to-hot water. Steep for 5-60 mins covered.
Enjoy anytime.

30 servings per bag

All herbs grown, harvested and prepared with love by Salt Spring Herbs Co.

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