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Organic Untreated White Flour, True Grain Mill


True Grain Mill, Cowichan 


True Grain white flour is proudly made with organic BC grown wheat. True Grain white flour has not been bleached or treated in the milling process. Regardless of one’s stance on organics, most people are amazed to discover that unless the package specifically says “unbleached” and “untreated” there are many chemicals that are allowed to be added. These agents do not need to be declared under current Canadian labelling laws for “white flour”. Some examples are chlorine, benzoyl peroxide, ammonium chloride, azodicarbonamide, and l-cysteine. True Grain flour is always organic, and never bleached or treated.

Ingredients: *BC unbleached white flour, niacin, iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid. *Organic


*Packaged in a Kraft paper bag made of recycled materials

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At True Grain, we remain committed to the time honoured method of freshly crafting pure, natural, stone ground, organic grain products; the way nature intended:

  • Pure – we seek non-hybridized heritage and ancient grains like Red Fife, Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt, Khorasan, & Rye
  • Natural – we mill on natural stones and do not add conditioners or preservatives
  • Stone Ground – we grind slowly and at low temperatures to maintain the integrity & nutrients of the grain
  • Organic – we value organic farming methods which foster healthy communities

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  1. by kirstennash (verified owner)

    This flour has a lovely texture, bakes up beautifully!!

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