Snowpup’s Mito Pink & Green Lemonade

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Introducing Snow Pup’s Organic Pink and Green Lemonade! A naturally sweetened and vibrant beverage that will brighten up your day. Carefully crafted, this refreshing drink is made from organic ingredients and lightly sweetened with stevia, a natural plant-based sweetener. The beautiful pink color comes natrually from polyphenol plant powders like beetroot and hibiscus. Green Lemonade has spirulina and chlorella added.



Well Water, Organic fresh squeezed lemons, D-Ribose, Acetyl L- Carnitine, Polyphenol plant powders: Beet root, Hibiscus flower, açaí, acerola cherry, amla, jabuticaba fruit, cranberry, goji, maquiberry, mangosteen, pomogranate, strawberry, schizandra. and a wee bit of stevia.

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