Cowichan Pasta


Organic Ancient Grain Pasta, Cowichan Pasta Company


Cowichan Pasta was the first pasta company in Canada to make stone ground pasta with organic ancient grains such as Emmer, Khorasan and Red Fife.


It is stored in whole kernel form, and then milled fresh with a chosen grind that maintains more of the fibre portion of the wheat than over processed grains. This makes Cowichan Pasta deeply satiating and is more filling than conventional refined pasta. At SALT JAR refillery you can find Emmer Fettuccine, Red Fife Conchiglie and Khorasan Gemelli in bulk making this high-quality pasta more affordable and without extra packaging.


Boil pasta for about 8 minutes in boiling water with a little oil and toss with your favorite sauce.


Packaged in kraft paper bag.

  • Khorasan Gemelli 300g
  • Red Fife Conchiglie 300g
  • Emmer Fettuccine 250g
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