Feta, Blend of Cow & Goats Milk


Skotidakis, Ontario


Perfectly balanced- not too salty. Feta weight is just of the cheese.


Ingredients: Pasteurized cow’s and goat’s milk, milk protein concentrate, bacterial cultures, calcium chloride, microbial enzyme, salt.


Packaged in brine (water, salt, calcium chloride, lactic acid, natamycin).

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  • 200 grams
  • 400 grams
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Located in St. Eugene, Ontario, Canada, SKOTIDAKIS is all about excellence. In our 100,000 square feet production facility, we use fresh quality milk to craft the finest cheeses and dairy products available.


Founder Peter Skotidakis purchased the farm in 1975, pursuing his dream to create and distribute his own version of traditional Greek feta cheese. Although his herd was initially comprised of only 20 goats, this ambitious entrepreneur was destined for greater things.

He first introduced his feta and yogurt to local markets and restaurants in Montreal. His products were a success and the demand for it quickly skyrocketed. As SKOTIDAKIS products popularity increased, so did the size of his modest herd: currently, there are more than 3000 goats on the 1,500 acre SKOTIDAKIS farm.

Today, the SKOTIDAKIS team is composed of skilled and passionate workers, dedicated to developing new products and expanding the company’s distribution network. Most importantly, SKOTIDAKIS remains faithful to it’s roots: the ambitious spirit of our founder leads the way in breaking new ground, all the while preserving the authentic family values that make us unique.


We pride ourselves in offering authentic, fresh dairy products across Canada and various parts of the United States. Innovation is a major part of our company philosophy. In recent years, we have expanded our retail product line to include Greek yogurts, cheeses and a variety of yogurt-based dips. We also cater to the food service industry, providing quality, industrial size products to restaurants, manufacturers and distributors.

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  1. by ensilalida (verified owner)

    I had the feta yesterday on my salad. Just beautiful full taste❤️

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