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Living Red Batavia


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Full Red Batavia Lettuce Heads – Kumusha Farms


Similar to a romaine but a little more delicate and with curly edges. Makes a scrumptious (and slightly more colourful) Caesar Salad. Available by the head.


This lettuce is grown hydroponically in the Fulford Valley by the Harvey Family,  who have spent the last fifteen years growing in South Africa. After surviving some of the coldest sustained temperatures here on Saltspring – they have proven it can be done! This is a another tasty step further in creating year-round food security on Saltspring. Get ready to have fresh, nutrient rich, living lettuce in our backyard!


Did you know that lettuce loses 46% of key nutrients within seven days of cold storage? So fresh local isn’t just tastier- its better for you. These stunning heads of lettuce are grown with love, harvested on Tuesday and in your fridge by the afternoon- roots and all!

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