Berryman Brothers – Chicken Thighs


Berryman Brothers Farm, Saanich 


Fourth generation butchers and farmers- The Berryman Brothers, along with their extended family, raise and butcher meats with the highest health and moral standards in Saanich BC. Their products are:


  • Free-run
  • Hormone- free
  • Antibiotic- free


4 – 6 boneless, skinless chicken thighs


$11.97 per pound Chicken is sold wrapped in butcher paper and frozen. There are no plastic wrappings or styrofoam trays here!


  • B (401g - 450g)
  • C (451g - 500g)
  • D (501g - 550g)
  • E (551g - 600g)
  • A (351g - 400g)
  • AA (300g - 350g)
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